About Die Blou Hond Theatre

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About Die Blouhond Theater

“Die Blou Hond” Theater had its origin in Linden, Johannesburg. The brand was previously owned by Philip Moolman and Susan Coetzer but moved to Lynnwood Pretoria to make its home at Casa Toscana, after the owners of Casa Toscana took the brand over from Philip Moolman. Philip graciously agreed to still be part of our team as our Master of Ceremonies for a few years, but his personal acting career took off again, and he followed his own path. We will always remember Philip and Susan’s part in “Blou Hond” with endearment but believe their legacy will live on in our brand. Casa Toscana has been the proud owner of “Die blou hond Theater” since 2013 and strive daily to invite Top South African artists to our intimate Theater to entertain you.

Geskiedenis van die Blouhond Theater

Die Blou Hond Teater, voorheen gelée in Linden, Johannesburg en besit deur Philip Moolman en Susan Coetzer het hom kom vestig in Pretoria nadat Casa Toscana die handelsmerk oorgeneem het by Philip Moolman. Philip was vir ‘n paar jaar nog betrokke as Gasheer by ons Teater, maar met sy beroep as Akteur wat hom besig begin hou het, het ons paadjies geskei. Ons sal Philip en Susan se deel in die geboorte van die Blou Hond altyd koester en streef daarna om hulle idee om gehore te vermaak altyd lewend te hou. Casa Toscana is die trotse eienaar van die Blou Hond Teater vanaf 2013 en werk daagliks baie hard om Top Suid Afrikaanse kunstenaars na ons intieme teater te nooi om jou te vermaak.


Are you ready to be entertained?

The aim of “Die Blou Hond” has always been to provide our clients with a unique intimate experience packed with the best in South African entertainment. “Die Blou Hond” is truly a one of a kind experience and not to be missed. A true jewel in the heart of Tshwane. At our intimate Blou Hond Restaurant Theater we have succeeded in offering our clients an interactive, intimate experience where you feel included in the “vibe” of the artist on stage from beginning to end. Join your friends around a table, enjoy our platter dinner in the Theater or book in our Restaurant for dinner before the show. Now all that is left is to order a drink, sit back and enjoy the evening.


A brief rundown of what you can expect:

Guests arrive from 18:00. Doors will open around 18:30, but don’t worry if you are a bit early, drinks will be available on order. If you pre-booked parking, a spot will be reserved for you inside the premises. If you did not pre-book parking and the lots are all full inside, a parking attendant will assist you with parking outside and there will be an attendant watching over the vehicles outside.

If you pre-ordered a platter or drinks, it will be placed on your table and ready when you arrive at your table. If you are having dinner in our LeSi Restaurant, please be sure to book with our coordinator and be there at 17:30 as to allow enough time for a relaxing dinner before the show. All our meals are prepared fresh, so please allow 30 minutes for preparation after your order is placed. You will be asked to settle your bill in the Restaurant, as a new table will be opened for you in the Theater. If you have some drinks or wine left, your waitron will assist you with moving it to the Theater to your table.

Our Master of Ceremonies will direct the evening’s entertainment in their own special Blou Hond way and introduce upcoming artists as the first set if there is an opening act. There will be an opportunity to order drinks before the Main event begins. Our main event usually starts around 19:30. A 10% gratuity is added to all bills on the evening for your waitron. If they give you excellent service, feel free to add a little bit more. It is always very much appreciated by your server.

Die Blou Hond at Casa Toscana Lodge

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