Valentine’s Day on the horizon

Valentine’s Day on the horizon

Valentine’s Day on the horizon

So…the buzz of the Festive Season is something of the past. And if you are a planner (like me), you are already thinking about the Next Annual Big Day…… Valentine’s Day.  A day dedicated to celebrate love. Whether you choose to spend it with your significant other, with a group of friends or to pamper yourself. 

You can settle opt for the usual breakfast in bed, buying (overpriced) flowers &/or chocolates.

How about a ‘Valentine’s Day Countdown’ (with a different small gift or love note each day), ‘Gifts by the hour’ or ‘Open when’ love letters?

Gift Ideas

  • Leave a trail of chocolate kisses for your love to follow.
  • Create a ‘Sexy Love Book’ with coupons that can be exchanged for acts of love & care.
  • Stash love notes around your home for your loved one to find.
  • Have a collection of your favorite photographs together, printed on canvas or a pillow.
  • ‘Reasons I Love You’ posters (which you can create & print yourself)
  • Compile a music playlist of all your favorite love songs. It’s exclusive, very special & will set the mood for the entire night.
  • Love Box: Make up a bouquet or basket filled with your loved one’s favorite snacks/treats etc.
  • Create your own printed storybook containing special memories: how you met, quotes you like, photographs etc.

Date Ideas

  • Destiny Date: determined by what is chosen from a few secret envelopes.
  • Plan a fun activity to experience something new & exciting together.
  • Valentine Love Hunt: send your partner on a mission to find certain objects/clues each with its own reward.
  • Spa Date Treat: treat yourself & your partner to a day filled with pampering at a spa.   
  • Love Lunch: A great option if you don’t want to leave your kids alone, or if your work or travelling schedule does not allow for an evening celebration. 
  • Chocolate &/or Wine Tasting: you can try it at home, but for the best possible experience, rather book this with a reputable restaurant or wine cellar.

Whatever your choice may be, having a reservation at the most romantic corner table in the fanciest restaurant is just the icing on the cake.

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